Day of Mourning Statement from Prevention Council

April 28th marks the annual National Day of Mourning in Canada. This is a day where we pay tribute and remember those who have lost their lives and their loved ones or suffered injury or illness on the job due to a work-related tragedy. In the current pandemic, which has taken many lives and changed the way we work, this day has all the more resonance.

As members of the Prevention Council, we are mandated to work as a strategic team to ensure we provide sound and actionable advice to government and Ontario’s industries on the prevention of workplace injuries and occupational diseases in the Province of Ontario, and work diligently to make this our top priority.

This past year has been an unprecedented year for everyone. During these challenging times, we have seen unwavering commitment to workplace health and safety, and we thank you for your continued leadership. We encourage you to remain vigilant and continue to follow the occupational health and safety procedures in your workplaces as well as the COVID-19 guidance and resources issued by the ministry. Please also remember the value and importance of involving your Joint Health and Safety Committee and/or Health and Safety Representative in identifying and addressing health and safety concerns specific to your workplace.

As leaders in occupational health and safety, we encourage you to acknowledge this day within the workplace, but also to collectively use this time to reflect and renew our commitment to eliminating preventable workplace incidents and illnesses in Ontario’s workplaces.

Download the official statement from Ontario’s Prevention Council Chair below.