COVID19 – Tickner

From Roger Tickner
To our valued clients:

Tickner and Associates recognizes the tremendous task that is being coordinated across the globe – and here at home – in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

News headlines, daily press conferences, public health updates have been non-stop and unrelenting, with the health and safety of citizens continuing to be priority No. 1.

Ontario premier Doug Ford’s recent announcement outlined the many essential services throughout our province that will remain in operation over the coming weeks – the construction industry being just one of them.

Work is still progressing on most sites, but a handful have closed. During this period of high anxiety, uncertainty and unfamiliarity, the health and well being of workers is being prioritized and remains front of mind.

Using proper social distancing measures, adequate handwashing practices, and good overall hygiene remains key to preventing the spread and flattening the curve of new cases.

As your health and compliance experts, we, too, are closely watching and monitoring the situation, and continue to be on the frontlines, 24/7, to assist some of our country’s finest industry leaders and countless sub trades that supply services for the construction and development industry.

We stand together with you and remain unwavering in our commitment to ensuring a high standard of workplace health and safety and legal compliance, in an ever-evolving building environment, especially in a novel situation like we are experiencing.

This unprecedented set of circumstances has raised a lot of difficult questions.

The importance of keeping updated on the on the latest protective measures, and, ultimately, your workers’ preparedness for pandemic situations, is also of critical importance. Transparency, flexibility and timely, compassionate actions to issues like COVID-19 can do a great deal to instil confidence in your workforce.

We know this is a stressful time and we are here to help.

We’re all in this together.

Roger W. Tickner